Toucan Systems can assume responsibility for a customer’s product at any stage of its lifecycle, from initial concept through to final manufacture. From first contact, our team will work closely with you to draw up a detailed technical specification and work plan tailored to your individual needs.

Design and Development

Bespoke electronic design and developmentWe can provide custom electronic design solutions for use in many market segments, with a particular speciality in human-machine interfaces. A full R&D service is available for the creation of new products from concept. Designs can be developed up to pre-prototype, prototype or full production stage. [more]

Production and Manufacturing

Expert production and manufacturingWorking from a custom-designed or pre-existing prototype, we offer a complete production or pre-production service covering the full end-to-end supply chain. Alternatively, we can provide a straightforward assembly service for your existing product.

In all cases, a key speciality is the ability to supply very low volume manufacture of both PCB and finished product. In some cases this can be as little as 5 a year, but more normally is around 10 a month. [more]

Customer Support

Each client will be assigned a project manager responsible for day to day contact, who will ensure that regular design reviews are undertaken and continuity is maintained across the project lifetime. We are committed to providing ongoing customer support tailored to individual client needs.