Design & Development

Bespoke electronic design and developmentToucan Systems offers a complete product design service covering any or all stages from initial concept to final manufacture. This includes R&D, hardware and software design, and development of the product up to pre-prototype, prototype or full production stage.

Research & Development

Research and development for new productsToucan offers a full research and development service for the creation of new products. Starting from your ideas, we can identify the technologies, components and design solutions required to deliver your vision.

From initial contact we will work closely with your team to maximise the product specification. A detailed technical specification will be provided, with all costs and timescales clearly defined and agreed before project commencement.

Where designs or specifications already exist, Toucan can provide a high-quality re-engineering and redesign service to optimize your products with respect to technology, functionality and production capacity, or any other areas of desired improvement.

Electronic & Mechanical Design

Complex multi-layer PCB designOur design capabilities cover a broad range of electronic, electrical and mechanical technologies, including:

  • Circuit schematics
  • Multi-layer PCB design
  • 2D and 3D modelling and mechanical design
  • Human-machine interface design
  • Ergonomic design
  • Production process specification

Software Design & Development

We offer a complete software design and development service for embedded microprocessor systems, PLC systems and desktop applications, with solutions including PLC ladder logic, assembly coding, C/C++ and Visual Basic.

Our software development team can deliver a complete system using any combination of these, fully integrated and tested to the highest standards. We can work from customer-supplied specifications or develop entirely new software architectures from concept.

Prototype Manufacture

Most design and development assignments result in full prototype manufacture. This service includes rigorous testing, covering software, electronic, mechanical, environmental and compliance aspects of the agreed specification.