Production & Manufacturing

Expert production and manufacturingToucan Systems’ custom-built factory offers a full range of production and manufacturing services covering any or all parts of the full end-to-end supply chain for your product.

Our multi-skilled team of production engineers and first-class on-site facilities ensure that we are capable of meeting the most stringent and diverse customer requirements.

Full production service

Full production service with state-of-the-art equipmentOur production capabilities cover a broad range of mixed technologies, including:

  • PCB assembly
  • Automated surface mount technology, solder reflow and wave soldering
  • Front panel assembly
  • Cabinet assembly
  • System integration and commissioning

We can source the full end-to-end supply chain, allowing customers to reduce their need for inventory and optimise their cashflow.

All products are subject to extensive rigorous inspection and testing to ensure that they meet the precise customer specifications, which can include optical inspection, critical parameter testing, a full functional trial and SOAK testing, depending on your requirements. We can also produce custom-built test equipment tailored to the needs of your project.

Product assembly

Where supply chains are already in place, Toucan can offer a high-quality product assembly service using components supplied by the customer. Products built in this manner are subject to the same rigorous quality assurance and testing procedures as our full production service.

Low-volume manufacture

Toucan can meet both large and small volume orders. A key specialism is the ability to supply very low volume manufacture of both PCB and finished product. In some cases this can be as little as 5 units per year, but more normally is around 10 per month.